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PANCHAKARMA THERAPY [Detoxification Process] The complete purification of body or detoxification of body from disease causing agents is shodhana therapy. It involves a series of treatment after complete examination of disease and diseased. It is done for two purposes 1. TO MAINTAIN - PROMOTE THE HEALTH STATUS & AVOID DISEASES In healthy person who has no disease, due to age, seasonal variation, habitat some of the doshas get increased in their physiological range only. Tthese vitiated doshas should be expelled out so that these could not create any disease in future/ weaken the immune system/ accelerate the ageing the process in various organ systems. After excreting out from the body some Rasayana therapy can be advised to slow down the ageing process and to remain disease free even in old age. 2. TO ELEVIATE THE DISEASE To expel out the disease causing vitiated dosha/ doshas with the help of one or more process of shodhana therapeutic measures this can be done. Detoxification Process[Shodhana Therapy-Panchakarma],it involves a series of processes- Pre-Panchakarma Therapy To carry out Shodhana therapy the body is prepared so that all the toxins can be removed completely i.e. Deepana – Pachana – Snehana-Svedana are done. Deepana – PachanaThese are the measures with help of them digestive and metabolic status of person is improved some herbal tea / recipes like ginger tea are prescribed along with advice on special diet. Snehana (Oleation)Internal and external uses of medicated oil/ ghee so that toxins accumulated here and there get dislodged . This process takes 3, 5 or 7 days. Svedana (Steam Therapy)It is given with suitable herbal water after oleation to open all the channels& to expel the circulating toxins into gut. Panchakarma Therapy Specific type of Shodhana therapeutic measure is selected among 5 processes for specific type of disease and type of toxins- a) Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis)To expel out toxins of Kapha category through induced vomiting. More than 600 formulations are described in Charaka Samhita for different diseases conditions for Vamana. This type of Shodhana karma is done in the disease conditions which are generated with the involvement of Kapha dosha i.e. diabetes, some skin disease, asthma, coronary artery disease, obesity etc. b) Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation)This process of purification is done in the diseased person having disorders of pittaj type or in health person whom Pitta dosha is vitiated. More than 900 formulations are used for purgation in different kind of disease. This is done in diseases like hyperacidity, hypertension, bleeding disorders, pittaj type of heart disease which Pitta doshas is basically causing disease. c) Asthapana (Therapeutic Enema with herbal Water)This process is carried out to pacify the Vata. It is done in person in whom Vata is vitiated/ Vata is main factor in manifestation of disorders like Arthritis, various aches/ pains slip disc, spondylitis, and the disorders, which affect the lower portion of the body. d) Anuvasana (Therapeutic Enema with herbal oil)This process is a part of complete process of vasti, practically after every Asthapana vasti, Anuvasana is given so that Vata does not increases. It can be done alone also to pacify Vata and to provide nutrition in emaciated diseased person. e) Nasya (Medication through Nose)This process is done to expel out toxins from supra-clavicle region and used in disease conditions like sinusitis, facial paralysis, migraine etc. Post Panchakarma Therapy CareAfter eliminating the toxins by using one / more Panchakarma process, special diet regimen and life style is advised like Laghu Ahara means intake the particular food which get digested easily and slowly; gradually the person is put on regular diet. This process takes time equal to the time taken in Panchakarma procedures. Traditional Treatments{Kerala Panchakarma}, These special developed treatment modalities are used as a part of treatment in some chronic disorders and for general health maintenance as well as rejuvenation of body and mind. Trained Panchakarma technicians carryout these treatments - Abhyanga (Ayurveda Body Massage) – It is done with the help of herbal bundles and herbal oils for general relaxation and rejuvenation. It is useful in Arthritis, Spondylitis, Muscular dystrophy, Frozen shoulder and varies Palsies. Shirodhara (Passive Meditation) - Free flow of lukewarm medicated fluid over forehead with head massage are special manner to relieve mental stress. It is useful in Insomnia, Depression, Sinusitis, Migraine, Alcoholism, Alzheimer disorder and to improve the memory. Akshitarpana (Eye Care)- lukewarm medicated ghee is filled in the eyes after making a well around the eye area with special floor & the ghee is kept for 5-15 minutes .It is done for general eye care, refractive error, & other various degenerative disorders of eyes. Katibasti (Spine Care)- A well is prepared on the effected region of the back with the help of special floor & prescribed lukewarm herbal oil is kept inside the well after proper massage of the region for 20-45 minutes. It is mainly done for slip - disc cases. Mukhabhyanga (Face Care) - Face massage with herbal medicaments followed by herbal face pack. It helps to enhance glow of face, to remove black heads, pimples and wrinkles. Svedana (Steam Therapy) - Herbal steam is given to remove various toxins, and excessive fat. It is useful in body stiffness, slip-disc, obesity and various muscular-skeletal disorders. Ubatana (Herbal Mud Therapy) - Personalized blend of herbs, herbal oils, aromas & mud is for detoxification & skin care.